Consultation ENT specialist with fibroendoscopy

The ENT specialist is the medical and surgical physician who treats diseases of the upper airways, ear, nose, throat and larynx (vocal cords).

We should see an ENT specialist when we observe any discomfort in our nose, larynx, pharynx or ear that prevents us from carrying out our everyday activities normally.

Breathing, swallowing, talking, etc. have a direct effect on people’s daily life and on their social relationships, and our quality of life depends on these functions.

The ENT specialist will gather information about our condition (family and personal background, onset date of the discomfort, a description of it…) and will be able to put us on treatment and undertake diagnostic tests if necessary.

We must see an ENT specialist in the following cases:

  • Ear: buzzing, constant pain, loss of hearing…
  • Nose: impaired breathing, constant congestion, nosebleeds…
  • Throat and neck: sore throat, swallowing problems, voice disorders…
  • Sensation of instability and spinning sensation

We can suffer any type of hearing, smell or taste disorder at any age, although when we reach old age, an annual check-up is recommended because loss of hearing, breathing difficulties and the appearance of tumours are more frequent.

A fibroendoscopy consists of introducing an endoscope (a fibre-optic tube with a high-resolution camera on one end, powered by cold light) through the nostrils or the mouth in order to slowly observe the upper airways, the inside of the nose and the paranasal sinuses, cavum, larynx and pharynx.

It is a fundamental test in a proper inspection that requires no prior preparation and is performed in the specialist’s office.

It is painless, although in the event of discomfort, local anaesthesia can be applied to eliminate this sensation in the area.

It has multiple indications. By way of example:

  • Discomfort in the nose, larynx, pharynx or throat with no apparent explanation and over a long period of time.
  • Presence of cysts or polyps
  • Permanent sinusitis
  • Hoarseness and affectation of the vocal cords
  • Loss of voice or dysphonia
  • Suspected existence of foreign bodies
  • Nose breathing problems, either obstructive or due to a deviated septum.
  • Smokers and passive smokers: review of the larynx and upper airways by way of prevention of problems in the vocal cords or serious diseases and tumours. A review is recommended every 8-10 months.


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  • An appointment with the ENT specialist
  • Clinical history
  • Fibroendoscopy
  • Report

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