Biomechanical step study and podiatric assessment

When our feet are inadequately positioned or do not provide us with good stability, they do not transmit proper equilibrium to the rest of the body. This disequilibrium frequently leads to tendinitis of the knee, lower back pain…

The step study helps us to ascertain whether a person is walking correctly or not, and an unfavourable result can be corrected with insoles or other treatments (physical therapy, ultrasound-guided infiltrations…) in order to prevent future conditions.

The study helps us to prevent lesions or injuries caused through a misstep, such as plantar fascitis, achilles tendinitis, trochanteritis and back pain, among others.

This can be improved and even reversed with proper treatment by a podiatrist based on the results of the step study.

It is indicated in patients of any age, from children to adults, including people who do sports.
The study is used to assess the behaviour of the foot and the lower extremities while we walk.

It can detect underlying structural alterations which if left untreated at an early stage will eventually produce a secondary condition in the future. Alterations that may be causing a current musculoskeletal condition will also be detected so that we can act upon the origin of the condition.

If you practice sports, whatever your level may be, you are submitting your locomotor apparatus to high working demands, which can lead to fatigue, muscle and joint stress and injuries, particularly when there is an anatomical or structural error. The diagnosis made from the biomechanical study will allow us to optimise sports technique and improve plantar support.

The test is comprised of three stages: exploration on the gurney or bed, a static study and a motion study while treading the pressure platform.

The podiatrist performs a battery of procedures:

  • Patient’s medical history with an exploration of the joints and muscles of the lower extremities.
  • Assessment of the plantar print, loading test and support foot placement.
  • Static and dynamic study of plantar pressures with a computerised platform.
  • Plantar print analysis: with the patient standing on the optometric platform, plantar print, pressure percentages and stabilometry are displayed.


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