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Diet and Nutrition

Oriented specialty food for people to meet the physiological or pathological needs, taking into account the principles of protection and health promotion, disease prevention and nutrition and dietary treatment. Its role is to manage and promote diets and improve health and wellbeing of people.

Sra. Elena Guedea
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It covers nursing care provided to sick or healthy people in all contexts.
Cures, injections, vaccines, EKG, audiometry and spirometry.

Sra. Marta Casas
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Neuropsychology studies the effects of injury, damage or malfunctions in the structures of the central nervous system causes on cognitive, psychological, emotional and individual behavior processes.
Neuro-psychological testing, diagnosis and outcome with medical report.

Dra. Natalia Ramajo Pousa
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Osteopathy is an alternative medicine in which special attention to the structure and mechanical problems of the body sets. Osteopathic treatment is to treat dysfunctions, or hypermobility hypomobile to be found in the spine, joints, nervous system, muscular system, viscera, skull. Treatment depends on a full body assessment, the type of lesion and patient. No treatment is like another and must always follow a unique personal approach.

Sr. Jorge Aventín
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It includes templates and chiropody.

Sr. Alberto Untoria


Sr. Sergio Lorente



Foot reflexology

It is the practice of stimulating points on the feet (called “reflex zones”), based on the pseudoscientific belief that massage have a beneficial effect on an organ located elsewhere in the body.



Psychology is the science that studies the psychological functions such as attention, perception, memory, thinking, intelligence, language, and learning. It also deals with the emotions, and the emotions and sexuality; the evolutionary stages of human development, behavior, personality, vocation, work and social phenomena.

Sra. Berta Rodriguez Vinyoles
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Sra. Margarita Fernández
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Child and Adolescent Psychology

Child psychology with the study of the behavior of the child, from birth through adolescence. Thus, this branch of psychology focuses on the physical, motor, cognitive, perceptual, emotional and social.

Sra. Leticia Bardinet
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Sra. Margarita Fernández
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